All or Something Living Podcast

Ep. 47: Am I the Worst Stepmom??

August 14, 2019

If you're a stepmom, a parent, or even have a difficult relationship in your life this episode is for you! 


This week I'll take you through my journey as a stepmom. From the time I found out the boyfriend I was with had a son, to the time he first moved in with us, to what it's like 4 years later. It's definitely been one of the biggest challenges in my life! 


Sometimes the most difficult relationships we have serve as a mirror, allowing us to face our inner demons...whether we like it or not. Which is also why it can be such a great tool for growth! 


I hope that if you're struggling in any relationship in your life, that you can give yourself compassion and grace as you navigate the difficult parts. 


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Here's my question for you this week: Do you have a relationship in your life where up until now you've held high expectations & been disappointed?? How can you better manage those expectations in order to improve the relationship? 


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