All or Something Living Podcast

Ep. 52: The Agreement I Made with Myself that Changed Everything

September 18, 2019

Have you ever showed up and gave it your all in a friendship, or even an interaction with someone...and they criticized you in some way? 

It can be painful to hear the harsh judgments and criticisms others make about you, but it can also be enlightening. 

In this episode I share a story of a friendship gone sour, and the feelings I had when the truth came out about how this person felt about me. 

It reminded me of an agreement I had made with myself earlier in the summer that literally transformed the way I was showing up in my life (for the better). 

I'm sharing it all with you in today's episode! The drama, the pain, and the lessons...I get real with it all. 

Here's my question for you this week: What's one agreement you need to make with yourself right now?? Tag me in your Instagram stories or post, or DM me! I'm @laurenmkepler

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