All or Something Living Podcast

Ep. 56: How I Handle Difficult Feedback

October 21, 2019

This past weekend, I couldn't sleep. So I made the mistake of opening up my phone at 1am and reading through some of my DM's on Instagram. 


One DM in particular stopped me in my tracks. I had to read it multiple times to comprehend what this person was telling me. My immediate reaction was that...I should go on the defense, right??


Is this person insulting me as a business owner, and maybe even a friend? But I took some deep breaths, read through it a few times. I practiced empathizing with this person, and really taking in what she had to say. Because it was obviously important for her to let it out. And it was equally important for me to listen. 


I asked for some clarification from her (which I still haven't gotten up to this point, and that's okay!! I'm not always capable of making everyone happy)...but I took some time to reflect on what it meant for me. 


This episode is completely unscripted, and honestly when I recorded it I was still experiencing some raw emotions. It was the same day after I received the message. 


The reason I'm sharing it with you is because I know you desire playing "bigger"...and that means being more visible. And visibility makes you more susceptible to feedback. Positive, and...dun dun dun...negative feedback too. 


Criticism used to terrify me...and still kinda does if I'm being 100% real. But I'm taking you on this journey with me, as I processed what was said, so you can see that negative feedback is not a sign to quit. In fact, it usually means you're getting closer to clarity!


If you're curious about the details of this story & wanna hear more about how I personally handle difficult feedback...come listen in! 


Can't wait to hear your thoughts :) You're always welcome to reach out to me on Instagram @laurenmkepler. That's where I'm most active. I accept any and all feedback :p 


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